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Sherrill NielsenSherrill Nielsen

Before reaching the pinnacle of Sherrill’s career with Elvis, he sang with a lot of the great Southern Gospel Quartets. He started with the Marksmen, the Songsfellows, the Singing Speer Family, Jake Hess and the Imperials, the Plainsmen, Hovie Lister and the Statesmen, the Masters V, and Sherrill Nielsen and VOICE. Crossing the various lines or genres of music he also sang with TomPaul and the Glaser Brothers, Shaun Nielsen and the Good Ole Boys, the Four Guys and had a Friday night radio show on WSM radio live from the Nashville Palace.

In 1990, Sherrill decided to move to Denmark, the flagship country of his grandfather. It was during this timeSherrill and Brenda that he started writing songs, teaching the history of Elvis’ music at the universities, and introducing the Europeans to good old Southern Gospel Music. For 14 years he worked as a solo act, performing at some of the larger venues across Europe. He found that the love for Elvis grew stronger amongst the people of the European countries.

In 2004, Sherrill received a life changing e-mail from Brenda (his first love) who was living in Houston, Texas at the time. Well, it took him all of two Sherrill and Brendamonths to pack up his belongings and move from Denmark to Houston. In June 2004, Sherrill and Brenda remarried, just a mere 40 years after they first separated. Brenda tells us that she is a very patient person. Once Sherrill landed back in the States, he talked Brenda into retiring from her 30 year Government position and joining him as Sherrill Nielsen and VOICE. Their first concerts together were in December 2004 in Denmark, Belgium and France.

Sherrill named this new group Sherrill Nielsen and VOICE. During the next few years, Sherrill and Brenda traveled all over the world and were known as the amazing duo. They worked with a lot of the Elvis Tribute Artists that have taken center stage paying their tribute and respects to Elvis. Such artists as Mike Andersen, Franz Goovaerts, Elvis Junior, Rio, Jerry Presley, Brad Bradley, Jerry Deewood, David Lee, Bryan Clark, Johnny Fortuno, Danny McCorkle, etc. Sherrill would donate his time and talent to encourage the ETA’s at the annual Elvis week inBrenda and Sherrill Sheffield, AL. A concert sponsored yearly by Jerry Russell. During this time, Sherrill also put together the group known as The Legends of Elvis. This group consisted of Sherrill, Bill Baize, Ed Hill and Butch Owens (all original singers from the Elvis days). So, together with Sherrill and Brenda opening the concerts, the Legends of Elvis would thrill the audiences with Elvis’ favorite gospel songs.

One of Sherrill’s last accomplishments prior to his death was putting together his new southern gospel quartet “Sherrill Nielsen and VOICE”, which consisted of Mike Martin, Nick Fike, Sean McCaw, and Sherrill. Sherrill lost his courageous fight against inoperable Lung Cancer on December 10, 2010.



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