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SherRee’ Elicia Nielsen

Sher Ree'Born in Nashville, Tennessee on October 31, 1965 to Sherrill and Brenda Nielsen. SherRee’ was Sherrill and Brenda’s only child. Sherrill was singing with Jake Hess and the Imperials and Brenda was working in real estate. What a bundle of joy she was. Her mother, Brenda, reflects on some of SherRee’s firsts. She can still remember SherRee’s first word “Da Da”…then came “Ma Ma”... her first step was at L. D. Mullins house in California. L.D. was the bass singer for the Songfellows Quartet. Even with her first step, there was that feeling of independence on her part… “Look at me world, I can walk”…I’m a big girl. But yet that little girl insecurity of holding me close and looking up at me with those big beautiful blue eyes as if to say “Mommy, catch me if I fall”. And yes, I was always there to catch my little girl. Then came the first tooth. We all gathered round and gazed in wonderment upon our little bundle of joy that the Lord had sent. We waited patiently to get a better view.

Little SherRee’ was prone to be the center of attraction, acting up audaciously to get each one’s reaction. Whatever the phenomenon…it was truly great. As we maneuvered closer, at last our eyes beheld the most amazing thing (and I must confess deep down inside) my heart began to sing for it seemed as though a miracle had surely taken place. Lo and behold there was one pearly tooth, which filled a vacant space. Reflecting back at the first tooth, I can’t help but remember that SherRee’ had chosen to be a Dentist. Out of all the careers available toSher Ree' her…she was going to be an Orthodontist. I asked her why she had chosen that field…and she replied “I can help make people beautiful”. The problem is that SherRee’ never got to fulfill her dreams or ambitions. SherRee’ was killed by a drunk driver in Tyler, Texas on November 6, 1985 on her way home from Baylor University. She was on her way home to celebrate her 20th birthday.

SherRee’ accomplished so many things during her short life. She was a straight A student throughout high school into college. She was doing studio backup singing and was also doing modeling. She did a lot of Calvin Klein shoots as well as TV commercials.

In May 1966, SherRee’ and Elvis came face to face. Brenda had to go down to RCA Studio’s in Nashville to measure Elvis for some stage-type shirts like Svendborg Book Roomthe ones she made for Sherrill. When Brenda and SherRee’ arrived at the back entrance, Elvis immediately took SherRee’ and went to the piano and started to sing some lullabies to her. SherRee’ was more fascinated with one of the rings he was dangling in front of her and of course, Elvis took the ring off and gave it to SherRee’. It was a beautiful Mickey Mouse turquoise, mother of pearl, black onyx ring.

ShereeToday, that ring is displayed in the Sherrill/Elvis Museum that Henrik Salomon has in Svendborg, Denmark. Henrik and Mette Salomon and their family became very close friends of Sherrill and Brenda over the years. When Henrik’s father passed away, he flew Sherrill from one of his concerts in Denmark to his father’s funeral so that he could have Sherrill sing “You Were Always On My Mind”….one of Henrik’s favorite songs today.

Henrik, Mette, Isabella, Sasha, Joachim and Lukas (pictured here in 2005) Henrik, Mette, Isabella, Sasha, Joachim and Lukasremain dear friends with Brenda and as such Henrik is her Promoter and Sponsor. Henrik recently opened the Svendborg Rocks Lounge in Svendborg where he not only has Sherrill/Elvis’ collection of memorabilia but promotes Mads Toghoj and others.

Brenda continues her support of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), whose mission is to stop drunk driving, support the victims of this violent crime and prevent underage drinking. Brenda also maintains her non-profit corporation, Share A Dream Foundation, which supports those less fortunate, the homeless and those in abusive situations. Brenda also has received Life Inspiration Care Giver Awards from the American Heart Association and most recently from the American Cancer Society.


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