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VOICE of Nashville and Svendborg Rocks
is proud to present to you


Mads Toghoj


Alley Of Faith

Mads' story starts in late October 1980, when he came into the world and into an extraordinary musical family. As far back as he can remember there has been music and singing all around him. Mads Both his grandfather (Fishing Thomas) and his mother sing. Mads got folk music injected into the breast milk .. sounds from people like Niels Hausgaard, the Golden Lions, Lasse and Mathilde and a whole lot of Irish and Scottish folk. Musicians were a regular part of his summers in Skagen and at his childhood home and at his grandfather's home, where many musicans were also visiting.

Mads grew up in this music mecca and then came his teenage years. Musically, he did something that was not very typical for aMads Toghoj lad of his age. Instead of listening to the future tones and songs as his friends did, he went instead to his father's LP collection and found the old plates with Dion and the Belmonts, Neil Sedaka, Paul Anka, Jim Reeves, Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley. Those were the sounds that really excited him. His mother had some years earlier unsuccessfully enrolled him in a music school for private lessons on an acoustic guitar. However, he decided that he did not want to learn to play a guitar. But by this time, he really had a taste and desire to play these older songs that were part of his father's music collection. He contacted one of his brother's good friends who was a guitarist, and he helped him to learn the music. They played Mads ToghojFrere Jacques…that was one of the first that he remembers. However, he remembers that he bought Elvis Presley's Blue Moon of Kentucky and Buddy Holly's Peggy Sue. Those were the ones he really wanted to learn to play. Suddenly one day without any notice, he opened his mouth and started singing songs that he wrote that came from his heart. He didn't think about whether he could sing or not. He just did it. On the other hand, he did not know of another home.

Henrik Salomon, Lasse Helner and Mathilde Bondo played a major part in creating the newly released LP/CD record by Mads, entitled "Alley of Faith". Shown in the picture above are Mads, Ed Hill, Bill Baize, Butch Owens, Lasse and Mathilde. This fantastic CD was cut at House of David Studio in Nashville, TN. Mads is a production of Svendborg Rocks, Denmark. produced and managed by Henrik Salomon and Lasse Helner. You can purchase a copy of this LP/CD by contacting: or by telephone +45 25 34 20 04.

The Alley of Faith

The Alley of Faith
Come and Hold Me
Bit by Bit
I'll Be There
If You Love Me
Holding On To You
In My Dreams
Quiet Morning
Man About Town
Thank You for Tomorrow
So Long Daddy

"The Alley of Faith" was written by Mads, and the words to the song are:
I'm standing on a cross road don't know which way to choose. Should I go the way the wind blows, I got nothing to lose. I know I must go before it's too late before my thoughts gonna fade. A true believer taking a walk down the alley of faith. The alley of faith."

Mads"So I walked a mile or more pushed by the wind of change. This is my inner journey maybe my only chance. To walk away from evil tongues, jealousy and hate. A true believer taking a walk down the alley of faith. The alley of faith."

"I'm strong in my faith I believe I can do it God's on my side. If the demons from hell will hurt me here I got secret places to hide. If you expected to see me down I'm afraid you all have to wait. A true believer taking a walk down the alley of faith. The alley of faith.
True believer, true believer, true believer, true believer. A true believer taking a walk down the alley of faith. The alley of faith."

"I've been burning the bridges I left behind and now I'm finally free. The tears that I creid in the past are gone like a stone dropped in the sea. It's my turn to be the heavy lead the heavy lead on the weight. A true believer taking a walk down the alley of faith. The alley of faith. The alley of faith. The alley of faith."

To book Mads or purchase his products, please contact him at or +45 25 34 20 04


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