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Henrik Salomon noted by Brenda Nielsen

Henrik SolomonHenrik L. Salomon, is married to Mette and is the father of five beautiful children: Thérèse, Isabella, Sasha, Joachim and Lukas. Henrik was raised to be a farmer or factory worker but he disappointed his parents when he decided to study languages, culture and international commerce. In a conversation with Henrik, he told me the following story regarding his life, love for Elvis music and goals…

One thing my folks and I would always agree on, though, was Elvis. As a boy I was always listening to great voices – whether opera or country pop/rock or punk. With that in mind, it would only be a question of time until I was spellbound by the Elvis’s (Elvis in plural), because his recordings were so incredibly different from one another. Not just the production and the sound, but his voice! This still amazes me today. But what amazes me even more is the fact that nobody seemed to really notice this unique quality throughout his career.

I’ll never forget when Sherrill showed up at my Dad’s funeral to sing “Always On My Henrik and SherrillMind”. To actually hear the voice that Elvis loved so much… - I got goose bumps! Today, I’m the proud wearer of Sherrill’s TCB necklace and I cherish the memories of us being together with Brenda and my family. Thank you, Brenda, for always being there and for dedicating your talent and resources to this project. You are the real thing!

You might say that my personal fascination with Elvis has been propelled by two V8 engines: First and foremost is his talent and his character. Second is the frustration that – in spite of being a household name – the true Elvis is still a complete stranger to most – even most Elvis fans. It seems like the image of Elvis prevented us from appreciating him for what he really had to offer. For instance, I wonder if his good looks and his natural moves weren’t only a blessing, but also a curse…

Elvis PresleySo what is the single most unique and characteristic feature that was so unique about Elvis – and which may help to explain his ability to reach out to so many?
I feel sure it is the fact that – despite Elvis-mania - he remained himself the greatest and most devoted FAN – bringing his favorite singers and musicians on stage with him. Doesn’t that just say it all? Elvis was deeply in love with music all his life – night and day. His ability to take inspiration from any genre or color of music simply because he loved it stayed with him to the end. Musically, he was just an open mind with no other agenda than interpreting the music he enjoyed. Sure, he wanted to have everything success could bring him, but had he not become the superstar, Elvis would not have sung one single tone less in his life. Singing is who he was. Much like our singing in the car or in the shower…. weRio, VOICE, Legends of Elvis and Band – Svendborg do it because we need to and because we are fans. This is how Elvis saw himself, too. This is how Sherrill Nielsen got to see him. And this is how we should see him.

So what did Elvis accomplish?

Everything... like Bernstein said; “Elvis was the single most important cultural factor in the 20th century”. Or like John Lennon said: “Before Elvis there was nothing”. More to the point, I would claim that without attempting and by simply being a very human being, Elvis changed the world by changing the way we see ourselves and each other. Accomplishing that is no small thing for a guy that just happened to love singing. Try too hard and you will never get there - there is definitely a lesson to be learned there…

Henrik and SherrillMost people my age or older remember where they were on the day of Elvis’ passing. I remember wondering why school classes were canceled that day, when just the day before it felt so lonely to be an Elvis fan…. I also recall thinking that Elvis had been unique and it was sad to know that we would never get a new Elvis song, but surely somebody else would eventually come along and fill his shoes. Well…………….

Yes, I agree with Henrik…..we are still waiting for that “somebody else” to come along and fill Elvis’ shoes. Henrik tells me that the new Svendborg Rocks Lounge and Elvis Presley and Sherrill Nielsen Museum is to open around August 1, 2014 at the Svendborg Cultural Center “Borgerforeningen”, in Denmark.
Stay tuned for more information regarding this big event.

Pictured below is Henrik and Mette with their family and Jeppe Eisner, the artist that painted their family portrait (on the wall behind them). I had the honor of meeting the Salomon’s on one of my very first European tours with Sherrill about eight years ago. What a wonderful family…I am thrilled to call them my extended family.

Henrik and the SolomonsToday, Henrik is the Director of Keofitt, an international company that is a world leader in sterile sampling. Keofitt A/S is a Danish company established in 1980 by master brewer Kai Ottung. Kai Ottung worked as master brewer around the world and assisted many breweries in developing their techniques. In the process he also developed a unique product range for sterile sampling for the medical, the soft drink and the food industries as well as, of course, for his colleagues in the breweries around the globe.

Today, Keofitt A/S is owned by its general manager Henrik Lysgaard Salomon. So, Henrik, I can honestly say I am glad you chose the path of international commerce, culture and languages. I am so proud of your accomplishments.


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