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Brenda Nielsen

BendaBrenda (Hall) Nielsen was born in Washington, D.C. and had Roy Clark as one of her neighbors.  When Brenda was three years old she was stricken with Infantile Paralysis (known as Polio).  She was in isolation at the Children’s Hospital in Washington for one year.  She was the poster child for Sister Kenny, who had developed the hot pack treatment for polio victims.  Overcoming this affliction was the beginning of the tenacity and resilience that she reflects today.   When Brenda was in the second grade, her parents moved to Pennsylvania.  Brenda grew up in a musical family.  She sang and performed on radio and TV and accompanied local southern gospel quartets in her area.  RCA Studios

In 1960, Brenda attended one of the All Night Gospel Concerts held at the Ellis Auditorium in Memphis, TN.  Little did she know that this would change her life.  She was back stage with her boyfriend when James Blackwood of the Blackwood Brothers Quartet approached her and said that there was a fellow on the other side of the stage that wanted to meet her.  James took Brenda over to Elvis Presley where she stayed until the concert was over.  Elvis invited her to Graceland and they remained friends throughout his entire life.   In 1963, she met Sherrill Nielsen.  Sherrill was with the Singing Speer Family.  It was love at first sight.  They married and moved to Atlanta, GA where Sherrill was tenor for Jake Hess and the Imperials.  Brenda immediately got into real estate and about the time her business was taking off, the Imperials up and moved to Nashville, TN.  Sherrill and Brenda’s daughter, SherRee’ Elicia was born on October 31, 1965. 

In May 1966, Sherrill called Brenda from the RCA Studio and told her that Elvis wanted her to come down and measure him for some stage-type shirts like the one he had on.  So when Brenda and SherRee’ arrived At the Svendborgat the studio, Elvis did not know that Brenda had married Sherrill, but remembered her from his time with her back in the early 1960’s.  Brenda did design and make stage-type shirts for Elvis and other musicians.  Brenda and Sherrill went their separate ways in 1967.  Brenda’s career took a different turn. 

Her 30 year Government career included a lot of responsible and challenging positions.  She was a Historian for the U.S. Army Armament Command, which awarded her with accolades from President Ronald W. Reagan, for her relentless research and historical writings of the Vietnam War and Army operations and bases.  Brenda was an Architect/Designer for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, where she received the Scissor Award from Al Gore for cutting Government red tape and the Hammer Award for building a Government thaFamilyt works better and costs less.  President George H. W. Bush awarded her for her design and implementation of a Veterans Museum which provided a legacy for the veterans throughout Texas.  She also served in several Management positions for the U.S. Navy.  In the private sector, she worked as CEO for several privately owned corporations.  In the music world Brenda is recognized as a singer and keyboard musician.  Her credits in gospel music include performing with the Weatherford Quartet, Love Revival Singers, and manager of Sacred Artists Productions, doing backup vocals for Merle Haggard, Charlie Pride, Ronnie Milsap and other country stars. 

When Sherrill and Brenda were reunited, she then became part of VOICE and the Legends of Elvis.  Sherrill and Brenda traveled all over the world performing as the amazing duo.   In spite of all of her personal losses, she still maintains a positive outlook.  Charity work is a crucial part of TrioBrenda’s career.  Throughout the year, she works with many of the nation’s top charitable organizations such as MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving). The United Way and CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates).  She has a non-profit organization, Share A Dream Foundation which supports homeless children, and families dealing with critical and life-threatening problems.  Most recently she has received Life Inspiration Care Giver Awards from the American Heart Association (for her love and care of late husband – O. D. Shelton) and from the American Cancer Society (for her love and care of late husband – Sherrill Nielsen).

While living in Tyler TX, where Brenda's loved ones - Sherrill, SherRee' and O. D. Shelton are buried, she met up with some wonderful people through the East Texas Hospice. She was asking God to show her how she can make this world a better placeFayonne Alfaro, Webmaster and to give her the heart to intercede for others and the courage to step in when and where she is needed. She thanks God for giving her that opportunity because through this ministry she met Susan Allen, Sherry Ward and her beautiful webmaster, Fayonne Alfaro. Fayonne had recently lost her beautiful daughter, Hilary. Fayonne is Brenda's “fabulous computer geek” and has designed this web site paying tribute to the memories to Sherrill and Elvis. You can obtain more information on Alfaro Graphics on our Resources link.


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